Michael Irvin Says One More Year With Dak To Dez Chemistry

Dallas Cowboys

The chemistry on offense was not there in 2017, especially at the key spots.

With the distractions that this Dallas Cowboys football team had in 2017, we need to see another year with all parties involved before moving pieces around.  That includes the chemistry between Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant.

Since entering the league, Prescott has been unable to get on the same page with his top wide receiver!

Dez has been a non-factor at times over these first two seasons with Dak as his quarterback.  That non-factor has to do with both players, along with injuries for the outspoken wide receiver.

Speaking of outspoken wide receivers, one former Cowboys great believes it still has a shot at being great.  Hall-of-Fame wide receiver, Michael Irvin, believes the Cowboys should give it another year for Dak and Dez to get the chemistry right (via 247 Sports).

“I think they should have another year because this year just didn’t go well,” he said.

This past year had a lot of things happen, and we just haven’t seen it work out the way he thinks it will.

“Dak is great. Everybody’s great. Don’t try to split and divide,” he said with a laugh. “That’s a good job. You tried, but the reality is they need time to work together with [Ezekiel Elliott] in the backfield and not all at mess hanging over their heads.

“Let’s see what they’ll do then.”


Both Prescott and this offense struggled this past season.  Some of that had to do with Prescott taking a step backwards, but also the lack of help he received from his wide receivers.  It’s not uncommon to see a young QB take a step backwards, especially losing a player like Ezekiel Elliott.

Hopefully we will hear about a trip that Dak and his receivers take.  Not a trip like you would take for a vacation, one that is like a passing camp for the parties to gain that chemistry you need in this sport.

Do you still have faith that Prescott is the future of this team?  Will he get that chemistry we all hoped would happen by now?

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