Michael Irvin Says Sunday Should Be No Problem

Dallas Cowboys

Former Cowboys great, Michael Irvin will be enjoying this Sunday’s game.

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, they have plenty of problems going on right now.  It starts with the offense, but they looked better last week against the Washington Redskins.  With Ezekiel Elliott out of the lineup, Dallas has struggled on offense, especially Dak Prescott and this passing game.

The Giants problems on both sides of the ball make everything in Dallas look like a vacation!

The Cowboys might have a few minor issues inside the locker room and on the field, but the New York Giants have widespread problems.  From benching their franchise quarterback, to firing their head coach, the Giants are a mess.  Therefore, Irvin believes the game should be a cake walk for this Cowboys team.

Irvin joined the G-Bag Nation show on 105.3 The Fan.  He talked about how this Cowboys team needs to jump on this team early (via SportsDay).

“There’s a mess over there right now. This kind of mess doesn’t straighten out in one week. You may get what you may get now, and this is the part they have to be careful about in New York, is: Don’t give them any life. They’re looking for a place to tuck and run — you gotta give them that place to tuck and run. Jump out on them early and they will pack [their] bags because it’s hard — you know I always tell you guys: Hope dictates effort. Hope does. Right now, this is a hopeless season for the Giants. All of the big hopes they had this season, it’s hopeless, and all of the turmoil going on around it, so what you wanna do is give them and secure them hopelessness by going out, jumping on them — get seven points up, go 10 points up — and I think you can put that game in the bag.”

Eli Manning back in the saddle, but his mind might be out of the game!

He was also asked about if Eli Manning back in the lineup can give this team a shot in the arm for Sunday’s game.

“Eli hadn’t been a top-10 quarterback over the last 10 years, and I know what he has is that ability to make a moment. He makes moments because he doesn’t get caught up, it doesn’t get too big for him, but he makes moments. Now he also gives gifts and it’s the holiday season, so Eli may be in the holiday mood, so I’m saying I’m not going to be overly upset if it’s Eli that’s starting.”

There is no time for this team to start slow!

Just like Irvin said, Dallas needs to jump on them early and keep their peddle to the floor.  Don’t let up and look at the score when the game ends.  If they do what they should, the Cowboys will come out of New York with the win.  However, if they let his team hang around, it might be a long day for the Cowboys.

We know the Cowboys are a team no one wants to see in January.  Build on the victory against the Redskins and we might make those nightmares true for the NFC.

I think this team is ready for the challenge, and realize what’s at stake!

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