How Much Is Elliott Worth To The Cowboys In The Eyes Of Vegas?

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Vegas makes plenty of money on putting the right lines of football games and win totals of football teams.

The odds makers in Vegas make good money on the lines they create!

It isn’t a secret that football and Vegas is a good combination for football fans.  Fans of all sports make “guys” or “gals” weekends to hit up the sports book and casinos.  But how much is one player truly worth to a football team in the eyes of Vegas and those that put lines on football games and win totals?  If Ezekiel Elliott was to miss the opener,what would the line move to?  Some would say that a player outside of the quarterback really doesn’t change the line much.  It appears that, that is the complete truth.  Right now the line is Dallas by 5 points, if Elliott is out, the line would move to -4.5 points.

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Per, Elliott is worth about half a point to the odds.  While the public perception is that the Dallas offense would be impacted greatly by the loss of Elliott, the drop-off in efficiency wouldn’t be too great according to the oddsmakers.

Do the Cowboys go as Zeke goes?

This is great news to the Cowboys and their fans.  If Elliott goes down, it appears that the Cowboys wouldn’t lose much, but that really seems odd to say.  Elliott was a big reason why the Cowboys were fortunate enough to grab that top seed in the NFC with that 13-3 regular season record.  However, it appears that maybe the biggest impact for this team is the five guys up front.

Maybe the better question for Vegas is to take someone like Travis Frederick off the field.  What would the line be for week one if the starting center was out of the game?  As the quarterback of the offensive line, Frederick might be the bigger piece that the Cowboys can’t lose.

If Elliott goes down for a game or two, or in this case, a possible suspension, the Cowboys seem to be okay.  With Darren McFadden or Alfred Morris as the candidate to take the lead role, Dallas seems fine.  Add to that the fact that the offense could rely on the pass more with Dak Prescott and company.

Elliott out of the lineup isn’t ideal, but maybe he isn’t as important for a short amount of time.  The biggest impact for this team would be to see Elliott miss a substantial amount of time.  The win total might drop drastically if Elliott is to miss more than a quarter of the season.  Luckily for the Cowboys and their fans, Elliott will be out a max of two games, if any to start the years.

This is just another piece of proof that the Cowboys are not only contenders, but possibly the front runners for Super Bowl 52!

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