With Next Sack DeMarcus Lawrence Will Pass His Mentor

Dallas Cowboys

There are many negative things that Leon Lett has been known for during his NFL career.

For a lot of players, you only remember the negative plays, especially if they come in bunches.  For one former Cowboys player, it won’t be what he did on the field that he will be remember most, it might be what he did off it as a coach.

Maybe one great story will erase a bunch of negative ones!

Leon Lett has been in the middle of some very dumb football plays in his career.  The one that truly sticks out was in the snow and we don’t have to go into detail of what happened, it brings up too many bad memories.  However, he might be remembered for something truly great if all goes as planned.

Lett has been the mentor that DeMarcus Lawrence has needed.  He has rewarded this learning experience with his best year as an NFL pass rusher.  As a matter of fact, the year that Lawrence is having will likely go down as one of the best ever in Dallas by a pass rusher.

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A lot of the success that Lawrence has had, can be contributed to Lett and what he has taught him.  The former Cowboy is excited that he will have helped his student pass him with his next sack (via 247 Sports).

“I want to see DeMarcus surpass me and I know he has many, many more sacks to come,” says Lett. “I want him to get to the top of that list. I’m excited for him. He’s working hard and he’s all-in. It’s been a great year for him and it’s great to see him come back because last year was tough for him. He pushed through a lot (playing with a painful back injury in 2016). He also dealt with criticism. But the thing about DeMarcus is that he’s resilient. He’s tough. And he’s tough on himself as well. I love working with him and he’s been great.”

Lawrence is thankful for what Lett has taught him.

“He’s taught me so much and he believed that I could get to this point,” notes Lawrence. “I’m very thankful to be in the room with him. The understanding he has for the game, how he brings Charles Haley around to teach us extra moves, Leon provides a great atmosphere for us. We appreciate him very much.”

“He throws some of his old clips up every now and them, we see the old Fat Cat,” jokes Lawrence. “Ya’ll call him Big Cat, but we call him the Fat Cat because he ain’t fat no more. We’re joking. It’s a pleasure to be in the room with him. He brings great energy every morning to get us started, so we’re thankful for him.”

As the league’s current sack leader, we can officially say that the student has passed his mentor (or teacher)!

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