No One In The NFC Wants This Cowboys Team In Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys

The NFC got a break when the league suspended Ezekiel Elliott six games.

When the Dallas Cowboys found out that Elliott would miss the six games for his suspension, the hope was to just contend and stay in the hunt for the postseason.  Elliott returns week 16 against the Seattle Seahawks.  His absence couldn’t have come at a worse time, but the Cowboys must do what they can to stay in the hunt.

Through the first three games, Dallas looked lost without their All-Pro running back.  It didn’t help that they lost their All-Pro linebacker, Sean Lee as well.  With Lee and Elliott out of the lineup, Dallas had gone 0-3 in those games, while also looking horrible on both sides of the ball.

The game on Thursday finally went the way Dallas had hoped.  They beat the Redskins in all aspects of the game, finally getting that win without Zeke in the lineup.  With the win, the Cowboys kept their playoff hopes alive.

Those playoff hopes may be slim, but they are still there.  And some executives in the league believe this team would be one of the most dangerous teams.

No one in the NFC wants this Cowboys team to have success, let alone make the postseason!’s, Tom Pelissero asked a handful of execs on who would be the most dangerous teams that are making a rally for the postseason.  The Dallas Cowboys received one and a half votes, while the Chargers got the other four and a half votes (via Blogging the Boys).

“The Cowboys would scare you when the back gets back,” another NFC executive said.

Yes, the Cowboys are still alive to make the postseason, but it won’t be easy.  The only thing this team can do is take each week one game at a time and win that week.  If you win your final four games, look up and see if you got in the postseason.

Not being in control of your own destiny is tough, and you can’t look outside this locker room.  Just take care of your business and hope the other teams can help you out as well.

One thing is for sure, the rest of the NFC is hoping this team isn’t in the playoffs.  The Cowboys have the perfect recipe to go on the road in the playoffs.  You need a team that can run the ball, and control the clock.  With Elliott, Dallas has just that.

Do you think the Cowboys will sneak into the playoffs?

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