Jason Witten Speaks Highly Of Cole Beasley

Dallas Cowboys

Cole Beasley was an important piece to this offensive puzzle in 2016.

The 2017 season has not gone the way that many felt it would.  The Dallas Cowboys have lost as many games this year, that they did all last regular season.  The Cowboys will not put a blame on anyone or any group on this football team.  However, that doesn’t mean the fans and media won’t do it.

Many put the early struggles on the defensive side of the ball, but it might be on the offensive side that truly gets the blame.  Dallas must find ways to continue to pound the rock with this elite ground game.  They also need to find ways to get the ball in Cole Beasley’s hands.

There is no more room for error, Dallas MUST find ways to get Beasley involved more often!

Prior to this past Sunday’s game against the Packers, Beasley has been playing the role of the “invisible man.”  He has been nearly a non-factor for this football team.  That is why the Cowboys found ways to get him the ball early in important situations Sunday.  Beasley caught a pair of early touchdowns for this team, but again went into hiding late in the game.

It’s time for the Cowboys to take their slot receiver out of protective custody following the bye week.

Cowboys veteran leader, Jason Witten, loved what he saw out of the Cowboys slot receiver on Sunday (via 247 Sports).

“It was good for Cole to get going,” tight end Jason Witten said after the game. “He’s a remarkable player with what he does.”

“He’s such a mismatch and match-up player,” the Cowboys tight end said of Beasley. “He gets some opportunities and takes advantage of them. Got a couple of touchdowns, big plays for us. I think he’s a confident player. He has been for a long time. He works at his craft.”

Last year was a season that saw this offense take advantages of opposing defenses.  It might not be a coincidence that they have struggled to do so this year, along with seeing their slot receiver have a minimal impact.

Expect the Cowboys to find more ways to get Beasley the coming out of the bye week!

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