This One Stat Proves That Coaches Didn’t Do Enough With Dak

Dallas Cowboys

Everyone is putting the blame on Dak Prescott for the offensive struggles in 2017.

The season didn’t go as planned for anyone on this football team.  A lot of that had to do with injuries and suspensions to key players on both sides of the ball.  Injuries are part of the game, but it seemed Dallas had their fair share of injuries in 2017.

Dallas saw the struggles shine when they missed one of their three leaders of the team.  Sean Lee and Tyron Smith missed time with injuries, while Ezekiel Elliott would miss a six-game stretch.  Elliott’s suspension was due to violating the league’s personal conduct policy.  With Elliott out of the lineup, many thought the passing game would step up and Prescott would showcase his play even more.

It was a group effort for the struggles on offense!

Prescott was in a position to show that he was the leader of this team.  With Elliott out of the lineup, he was going to have the load put on his shoulder, but was he up to the challenge?  Prescott struggled throughout the suspension, but he didn’t get the help you would hope from his receivers.

The receiving group didn’t help him out by dropping passes left and right in crucial parts of football games.  Dez Bryant would drop multiple passes, and even the sure handed Cole Beasley would drop his share as well.  It wasn’t just the drops that the receiving group didn’t help their young QB at, it was in the stats as well.

Bryant would not top the 100-yard mark in any game this year, while Beasley couldn’t top four receptions at any point in 2017.  It didn’t stop there; Terrance Williams was unable to get in the endzone in 2017.

The players weren’t the only ones to fail at allowing Prescott to succeed in 2017.  The coaching staff didn’t do enough to put this team in the right position to win games either.  Failing to make the mid-game adjustments was key, especially during the Zeke suspension.  They also didn’t use rookie Ryan Switzer as much as they should have.  During the preseason, some thought he would have a bigger role than just on special teams.  That must change in 2018.

Prescott deserves some of the blame in 2017, but by no means does he deserve the largest piece!

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