Orlando Scandrick Not Happy, But Will Just Continue On As A Player On the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had talks with their owner about his comments regarding the National Anthem.

Following a team meeting to air out differences as a team, the Cowboys owner allowed players to meet with him one-on-one.  Jerry Jones also met with the team following Wednesday’s practice to discuss his stance on the National Anthem.

Jerry Jones’ comment may have put his players in an awkward situation!

Many players were not available for comment following the meeting, but you can tell by some with their external presence what their view was.  One player seems to be very unhappy with his owner’s comments.

Orlando Scandrick had a song blaring inside the locker room that might be evidence of his view (via Mike Leslie).

“Upon the media entering the Cowboys locker room, Orlando Scandrick was loudly playing YG & Nipsey Hussie’s ‘FDT.’”

The song that was playing is easy to figure out the title.  It’s a cuss word followed by Donald Trump.  To say that Scandrick has made his opinion heard is an understatement.

Scandrick also pointed to a pair of sneakers that could also be a silent way to give his reaction to this entire issue.  The pink shoes are to show awareness to breast cancer.

“We’re allowed to support that,” Scandrick said.

The Cowboys owner has drawn his line in the sand for his football team.  The question now comes up, will anyone on this team cross it to make their own stance?  We won’t know this week as the Cowboys are on a bye, but it won’t be long before the team is back on the field.

Plenty of eyes will be on the Cowboys and if anyone kneels for the National Anthem.  It appears that Vegas has already set out lines for if it happens, and if it happens does a suspension come.

Will anyone on this team go against their owner’s comment on standing for the National Anthem?

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