Orlando Scandrick Wants This Team To Finish The Fight On Gamedays

Dallas Cowboys

Teammates and coaches will have arguments throughout a football game, especially if they are losing.

The ceiling can always be pushed higher.  That is what makes the best players better.  This is what Orlando Scandrick is talking about when he says the team must finish games (via ESPN).

“Me and Coach Garrett was not going at it. Me and Coach Garrett was having a passionate conversation, and he just listened, and I told him that we need to finish games,” Scandrick said. “I don’t care if we’re up 20 or down 20. I think if you’re healthy and the way we compete around here and the way we preach about competing, we need to do that from Play 1 to Play 60, however many we played. That’s just what I was expressing to him.”

The way your leaders handle themselves on the field travels throughout the rest of the team!

After missing time with injury, Scandrick just wanted to get out there and help his team win football games.  Looking across his own locker room, he sees a veteran in Jason Witten, someone that never stops.  The team could be up three scores, but Witten is going to give it his all for 60 minutes.

“I felt like at the end of the game, I pride myself on wanting to be out there. I sat out a whole year, couldn’t be out there and I thought that if you’re healthy enough you should be out there. I look out there across at 82 [Jason Witten] and we’re down by 20 points and he’s still catching balls. Go back to thinking about No. 94 when DeMarcus Ware played here and we’re down big, he’s still out there playing. It comes a point if you’re healthy you’ve got to be out there playing and you’ve got to want to get better and use these reps. That’s all that conversation was about.”

With a player like Scandrick, you have to love his competitiveness.  He has proven over and over that he can play at a high level.  However, due to injuries, he hasn’t been out there much over the last couple years.

Scandrick leadership is crucial for this defense in 2017!

This year, Scandrick is being used in a leader role for this secondary, especially the youth that is at the cornerback position.  With talk like this, you have to assume these young kids are getting the leadership they need from Scandrick.  You lead by example and that is what Orlando seems to be doing right now.

If you see the veterans on the team giving it all for 60 minutes, that will transfer to the young players.  The mark that Scandrick wants to leave is that he gave it all and finished the games, just as he started them.

Do you think Scandrick say something in his teammates that gave him concern this past week?

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