Packers Are Very CONCERNED About This Cowboy Who Didn’t Play Last Time They Met

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys take on the Packers in an anticipated division round playoff game.

When the game ended between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys fans had to of been happy, yet fearful all in the matter of minutes.  The Giants lost meaning Dallas wouldn’t have to take on the team that seems to have the Cowboys number and the defense that seems to be quarterback Dak Prescott’s kryptonite.  However, the Cowboys do get the Packers and possibly the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers.

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The thing going for the Cowboys, well one of many things going for them, is that they will have their superstar wide receiver for this divisional round playoff game.  Dez Bryant was not available in the first match-up against the Packers in week six, a game that the Cowboys won in Green Bay.

With Bryant on the sideline in street clothes, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott still was able to pass for 247 yards and three touchdowns against a very mediocre passing defense.  This might have been the game that truly gained the respect of both his teammates and the Cowboys fans.  Anytime you go into Green Bay and win, it’s a big deal, do it as a rookie quarterback and it becomes even bigger.  Careers can be made, good or bad, in a place like Green Bay.

With his star receiver on the field, Prescott has a chance to match his stats from week six, if not blow them out of the water.  It’s obvious that the Cowboys must score points this weekend to beat the Packers, but they will probably need more than usual to pull off the victory, with Bryant out there only helps to do so.

Ezekiel Elliott will get his in this game, but it might all come down to the right arm of Prescott and his receivers that truly decide this football game.  The Cowboys have a great ground game, but anytime you play someone like Rodgers, the game plan can get thrown out the window.  If the Cowboys do fall behind, they have the confidence to get back in the game with their passing game led by their rookie quarterback.

The divisional game at AT&T will showcase two of the better offenses in the league!

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