REPORT: The Cowboys Believe They Just Found The Next Devin Hester

Dallas Cowboys

One of the biggest weapons a team can possess is on the special teams.

The special teams part of football gets overlooked.  A good punter or kicker can pin opposing offenses back as they try to win every matchup on the field.  The same can be said in the return game as well.  If a team has an electric return man can help a team get great field position, or better a touchdown.

A special bond has begun to form between Dez Bryant and Ryan Switzer!

According to, Bryant is expecting big things from the rookie wide receiver out of North Carolina.  Switzer was brought in as one of the players the Cowboys would look to take over the returning duties.  Dez believes he will do just that, while returning not just a punt or two for a touchdown, he feels it will be four or five.

“He will be a Pro Bowl returner in his rookie year,” Bryant said.

He also talked about how the pair of wide receivers clicked from day one.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt they share the same birthday, too.

“We buddies,” Bryant said.  “From the time me and Switzer met, we clicked.  We’re brothers for life.”

Switzer may have the talent on the football field, but music might not be his specialty!

The two sides may agree on the football field, but off it might be a whole different story.  Bryant believes that the league needs to drug test the rookie for his opinion on music.  In a discussion about better singers, Switzer gave the advantage to Justin Bieber over the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

“They need to drug test him for saying that.  I don’t know what’s wrong with Switz.”

The Cowboys are one of the most interesting teams in the league.  They have young talent all over the field.  That is what makes this team contenders for the future.  However, it’s not just the future they are contenders for, Dallas is one of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year.  That is due to having a nice mix of youth like Switzer, along with veterans like Dez.

It’s gonna be fun watching this receiving group in 2017!

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