Report: Jerry Jones Just Made A Shocking Decision On The Future Of The Cowboys

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It is getting close to being that time of year again. Pretty soon, we will be seeing clips of our favorite football players reporting to training camp. Some will just walk in. Some will make a spectacle of it, but all will be coming for the same thing. They will all be looking to begin a journey they hope will end in Minneapolis with Super Bowl glory.

Every good journey beings somewhere. For the Dallas Cowboys that somewhere is Oxnard, California—where the Cowboys have gotten training camp underway for years. However, with the new state-of-the-art training facility opening up in Frisco, you have to wonder if that could be changing anytime in the near future.

This year the team will be splitting training camp between California and Texas. But it appears that the Cowboys have no designs on ditching the Sunshine State anytime soon. According to recent reports, the team has signed a new contract with the Oxnard City Council that will keep the Cowboy coming back for at least the next two years and possibly the next four.

It’s a two-year contract that includes an option for a two-year extension.

That means local fans and those looking for a great excuse to take a vacation in California can do so potentially through 2020.

Hosting the camp doesn’t really do much for the city. Fans can watch for free, and it only costs $10 for parking. The city is projected to bring in about $230,000. But they are also expected to spend as much maintaining the field.

So—where’s the benefit? Besides fans being able to see one of the NFL’s premier teams get ready for the coming season?

Local high schools get to sell concessions during camp. Over the last four seasons, Hueneme High School made $50,000 to support the athletic department.

The team will report for camp on July 22 with the first practice to be held on July 24.

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