Sean Lee Avoids Major Injury, Should Be Back Next Week

Dallas Cowboys

It was another training camp practice, and another injury that saw the player leave the field.

The Dallas Cowboys seem to be seeing their fair share of injuries, especially the hamstring variety.  The team suffered a scary injury on Thursday.  It wasn’t that the injury itself was scary, it was more due to the player it happened to.

Sean Lee left practice, but the early reports were that the Cowboys were just being cautious with their veteran linebacker.  It appears that is exactly what it was, we are now hearing that the injury wasn’t serious and Lee should be back on the field soon.

The Cowboys seem to have dodged a bullet with Sean Lee!

According to David Moore via twitter, the injury is minor and should be back next week.

“Sean Lee’s hamstring injury is considered minor & Cowboys believe he should be able to work back into practice next week, source said.”

We can all breathe a sigh of relief with this recent news.  Lee was able to stay healthy and play last year injury free.  That allowed us to see what can be when that happens.  The only game he missed was week 17 when the Cowboys had everything wrapped up and most of the starters sat it out as well.

We all know that injuries are part of training camp and the preseason.  You just hope you can avoid the major ones and even limit the minor ones.  Even though they seem to be mounting daily, the team has been fortunate enough to avoid that big injury.

Are you worried with all the minor injuries, especially hamstrings?

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