Sean Lee Continues To Prove He Is The Cowboys MVP

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys continue to see first hand how important Sean Lee is to this football team.

With Sean Lee in the lineup, Dallas has a good defense that seems to outplay their talent on that side of the ball.  Without him in the lineup, those holes on that side of the ball are front and center to be viewed.

What could have been if Lee never missed a game!

During the games that Lee had missed this season, Dallas gave up points in bunches.  With him in the lineup, their defense makes the stops that need to keep this team in the hunt.

Over the past three seasons, Lee has played in 40 games.  In that time frame, Lee is ranked third in tackles (via Jon Machota).

Lee has 374 total tackles, behind Bobby Wagner (414) and Preston Brown (396).  In those 40 games, Lee has averaged just under 10 tackles a game.  If he plays those extra games that Wagner had, the Cowboys veteran would most likely blow past him in tackles to be sit on top of that list.

Who knows where Lee would be in terms of the best linebackers in the NFL if he were fortunate to stay healthy during his career.  He is already considered one of the better linebackers to play in Dallas.

It’s hard to play the “what if” game, and to wonder how Lee would be looked at if he had stayed healthy.  If we do play that game, the Cowboys veteran LB could be climbing that LB ladder as we speak.  Lee’s name could have been thrown in the same hat as some of the All-Time greats.

Is Lee the most important Cowboys player on either side of the ball?

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