Stephen Jones Believes Jaylon Smith Will Be A Member Of This Defense For Many Years

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are excited for what the future holds with this defense.

Youth on both sides of the ball makes this football team contenders for years to come!

The Cowboys are very young on both sides of the ball.  On defense, the Cowboys have used many of their past two years draft picks on that side of the ball.  Two picks from last year are set to make their debuts in 2017, Charles Tapper and Jaylon Smith.

Smith has received as much hype as anyone on this football team as coaches, players, and fans wait anxiously for his debut.  He has yet to play a game in the National Football League, but that time is coming.  Head coach Jason Garrett believes that he will make that debut at some point in the preseason.  Garrett didn’t make it known if that debut will come in game two of the preseason this Saturday.

According to Jon Machota via twitter, Smith looks forward to making Stephen Jones opinion a fact.  Jones said that he believes that Smith will play for the Cowboys for the next decade plus.

“Just the foundation that we’ve built, an understanding that I’m going to be here for a long time, but at the same time, there’s some great excitement that I’ll be able to play the game of football again and I’m looking forward to being able to contribute at a high level this year.”

As Smith’s nerve continues to regenerate, the strength will increase as well!

Not too long ago, some wondered if the Cowboys second-round pick would ever step on the field again.  Not only will Smith make it back on the field, the Cowboys expect him to be a productive part of this team for a very long time.

During his time at Notre Dame, Smith was a top-tier talent.  Someone that likely would have gone in the top-10 if healthy. As a matter of fact, the Cowboys debated whether to use that fourth-overall pick in 2016 on him prior to the injury.

As it sits right now, the Cowboys got the steal of the draft in the fourth round with Dak Prescott.  That might be up for discussion if Smith turns out to be the player the Cowboys believe he will be.

I can’t wait for the debut of Jaylon Smith, even if it’s just a preseason game!

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