Is Stephen Jones Getting Himself Ready To Demand Pay Cut For Dez?

Dallas Cowboys

Having to take a pay cut is not easy for anyone, especially someone that believes he is still at the top of his game.

Dez Bryant is not the same player he once was.  No matter how much he believes so, he has lost a step in this game.  However, he is still a player that can have a major impact for this football team, as well as giving opposing defenses fits.

The Cowboys will ask for the star WR to take a pay cut!

We might be seeing Stephen Jones getting himself ready to have that one-on-one sit down with Bryant.  Jones has hinted at the decision and continues to do so (via David Moore).

“No one wants to compete & get after it more than Dez. At the same time, we all know this is a business where everyone had to be accountable…We’re going to be grinding it out trying to understand what is in our best interests of our business.”

The biggest issue for the Cowboys is that they have multiple signings to make happen this off-season.  With the cap hit that Dez is going to demand, Dallas can use that to sign a player or two.  They have DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin to get signed.  Lawrence must happen this year, but Martin isn’t up until next season.  However, it would be much easier to get it done now with Martin, than to wait.  That is what Dallas would like to do with Martin, get it done this off-season.

The Cowboys front office seems to be laying the beginning work of what is happening in the near future.  When will the Cowboys have that sit down with Dez?  It seems to be sooner than later.

What kind of pay cut do you think Dallas would ask, if they do so?

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