Is Sunday Night A Must Win? Dak Says “Yes”

Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles come to town for a big divisional game on Sunday night.

When Carson Wentz and the Eagles come to town this weekend, the Dallas Cowboys know they will have a battle on their hands.  Following the loss in Atlanta, the Cowboys must get back on track and it begins this weekend.

The rivalry continues between Dallas and Philadelphia!

The division might be a long shot, but if the Cowboys have any hopes of winning the NFC East, Sunday night is a must win.  In all honestly, it might be a must win to make the playoffs as a wildcard too.

With the play that the NFC is getting out of most of the conference, the win total may not be as low as years past.  Some years, you could make the playoffs with nine wins, even eight might get you in the conversation.  That doesn’t look to be the case in 2017.  That is why this game is so important in so many ways.

When asked if this game is a “must” win, Dak Prescott made it simple (via Jon Machota).

“I do.  I look at every game as a must-win.  This one holds a lot of importance in it.”

The outcome in Atlanta didn’t go as planned, there is no going back to change that.  What Dallas must do is just move forward and get back to what they do best, one week at a time.  You can’t win more than a game at a time.  This is why teams preach to take one game at a time and let everything else fall into place.

This week it’s Philadelphia and the Eagles.  If that sentence doesn’t excite you and get your blood flowing, I don’t know what will.  Rivalries are great, and this is one of the best.  It doesn’t get any better than Cowboys and Eagles on Primetime, for the entire world to see.

It’s time to prove that Prescott is still the best QB in this division!

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