Suspension To Cost Zeke A Nice Chunk Of Change

Dallas Cowboys

The saga that is Ezekiel Elliott vs the NFL has ended.

The decision was not in Elliott or the Dallas Cowboys favor.  It doesn’t stop there with Elliott as it will cost him a nice chunk of change as well.

Zeke has said from day one that he was innocent, and he was fighting for much more than football games.  He was fighting for his name in this and the way the league has been dragging it in the mud.  It appears it will also cause him some pain in the wallet as well.

Elliott will be losing much more than games because of this suspension!

Elliott will be losing over $500,000 in his base salary alone (via 247 Sports).

Zeke will be losing $99,023.69 a game during his suspension.  That is good for about $594,142.14 out of his pocket, for the six games.  However, it won’t be just his base salary that he will be losing, he will also be losing money from his signing bonus.

Todd Archer of ESPN, went into detail of what would happen if Elliott were to get suspended.  You can view that article here.

The cliff notes of that article state that he would have to pay back $240,000 of his signing bonus for each game he is to miss for suspension.  For six games, that would be another $1.44 million in signing bonus he would need to pay back.  That isn’t the worst part of it all.

The worst is the way this contract would be void if he were to suffer an injury that would become career ending.  If that were the case, he would be owned $0 of that remaining salary due to the void in the contract for this suspension.

Elliott’s remaining contract is good thru the 2019 season.  His salaries are $1.584 million in 2017, $2.718 million in 2018, and $3.853 million in 2019.

To say this suspension is expensive, is an understatement.  This would be the case for the Elliott and the Cowboys!

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