Taco Charlton Knows That Expectations Are Super High Going Into His Rookie Season

Dallas Cowboys

The expectations are high for the Dallas Cowboys and their 2017 rookie class.

The Cowboys are ready to get back to work!

When the Cowboys step on the field for training camp, they will be doing it as a favorite in the upcoming football season.  Following the 2016 season, the Cowboys realized that they needed to fix some things on defense.  That is why they let a handful of contributors from a year ago walk, and used the draft to fill those that left.

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One of the names that the Cowboys are hoping to have an impact is Michigan edge rusher Taco Charlton.  The Cowboys used the 28th overall pick on the former Wolverine, but many fans didn’t fall in love with the pick.  With players like T.J. Watt available, along with a few other big names that fell in the first round, fans wondered if the pick was a stretch.  Therefore, the fans are just that, fans.

Per bloggingtheboys.com, Taco Charlton has the lowest “he needs to be great!” emphasis circling him from fans as the team gets closer to training camp.  While that may be the case, Taco himself knows that expectations are for him to have success quickly in Dallas.

“I know the expectations are high for me from the outside, but also I make sure my expectations are high myself,” Taco told us at the National Fantasy Football Convention on Saturday.

“There’s really no pressure because I don’t put any pressure on myself, I just play football. I’m good at this game and I know what I can do. So it’s really just going out there, believing in my ability, and showing my game.”

The Cowboys first-round pick is ready to show the NFL world that Dallas made the right decision!

The quote by the rookie alone proves that he belongs here and will have no issues proving it.  He knows he is good and knows what he can do.  His goal is to get after the quarterback and make a disruption up front in the passing game.

The best thing for Charlton is who he goes up against every day in practice.  He will be battling the best tackle in the sport and if he can turn heads in practice, it will be easy on game days.  Tyron Smith will give the rookie his best and will not let up to let the rookie gain some confidence.  Everything that Taco gets in practice, he will earn as he goes up against the best every single day.

There has been rumors of the rookie playing inside in packages.  If that is the case, it won’t be any easier in practice.  He will go up against the likes of Zack Martin and Travis Frederick.  No matter where you look, Charlton will be going up against All-Pro on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for training camp to start!

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