Taco Charlton Lands First Endorsement Deal, No Not That One

Dallas Cowboys

The future is bright for one of the Dallas Cowboys rookies heading into the 2017 football season.

When the Cowboys selected edge rusher Taco Charlton with their first-round pick (28th overall), they hoped they had a player that will help this defensive line get after opposing quarterbacks.  Charlton, himself, hoped that he could just contribute the best way he can to this football team.  Local businesses, might see a fantastic way to use him for endorsement deals.

Per sportsday.dallasnews.com, Charlton has hinted that he expected to get a deal promoting tacos and even set out on an area taste-testing tour recently.  The rookie got his first endorsement deal, but it didn’t come in the form of a taco place.

His first endorsement deal is with Big Red soda, who announced the deal on Monday.

“The partnership makes perfect sense as nothing complements tacos better than the sweet, smooth flavor of Big Red soda. Big Red will host a sweepstakes offering fans the chance to win Big Red football memorabilia autographed by Charlton as well as Taco Charlton meet-and-greet sessions at select North Texas grocery stores later this year.”

It’s only a matter of time before Charlton gets that endorsement deal to match his name, Taco.  Whether it be a local mom and pop taco shop or one of the big names like Taco Bell, the Cowboys rookie will eventually get his taco endorsement deal.

“I love my name and I actually do love tacos,” said Charlton, whose Twitter handle is @TheSupremeTaco. “Although I am new to Texas, I quickly learned that nothing goes better with tacos than Big Red, so I’m excited to partner with such a unique, iconic brand.”

Do you think the rookie should have a taco named after him, once he gets that taco endorsement deal?

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