Teams Are Going To Line Up For DeMarcus Lawrence

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are going to have plenty of competition.

When it comes to pass rushers in this league, the price can be high.  For ones that are elite, it can be worth the price tag.  With that said, if Dallas doesn’t watch it, they might lose their elite pass rusher.

DeMarcus Lawrence is coming off his best season as a pro!

Lawrence saved his best season for the right time, at least personally that is.  He finished the 2017 season with 14.5 sacks, tied with Calais Campbell for second in the league.  Because of the success he had in 2017, teams will be coming in bunches, if Dallas isn’t careful (via Matt Miller).

“Demarcus Lawrence is coming off his best year and is only 25 years old. Teams are going to back up the Brinks truck in free agency.”

The question that comes up now is do the Cowboys slap the franchise tag on him as soon as it is possible?  They can still work on a deal long-term, but the franchise tag would keep him in Dallas no matter what.  Normally, I wouldn’t want to put a lot of money in someone with a history of back issues, but edge rushers are rare.  The elite versions are even more rare, Dallas has that in Lawrence.

Lawrence is the prize in free agency for the defensive side of the ball.  Dallas cannot afford to let a bunch of teams jump in the bidding war.  Yes, Lawrence said he wants to play in Dallas.  However, if Dallas shows signs of stalling, and they don’t put the franchise tag on him, someone will come in a steal him.

Players want to win, but money comes first, especially for young players getting their first big pay day.  This will be the first major contract for Lawrence, so Dallas will keep that in mind.  Play it safe and put the franchise tag on him, while continuing to work on the long-term deal.

How important is it to sign Lawrence long-term?

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