Time To Back The Pay Truck Up To Zack Martin, But What Will It Take?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the most productive and successful offensive lines in all of football.

The Cowboys have plenty of money wrapped up in two of their three All-Pro offensive linemen.  Both Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith are extended for years and now it’s time for the Cowboys to work on getting their third All-Pro lineman signed long-term.

Per thelandryhat.com, back in 2014, the Cowboys avoided disaster when they went with Zack Martin in that draft over quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Now Martin is in line to hit a major pay day and the Cowboys need to open the wallets to make sure it happens.

Martin will turn 27 this November and what better way to give him an early summer birthday present than to make sure he is a Cowboy for a very long time.  This offense is not only very talented, but they are very young for the most part as well.  If things work out correctly and in the Cowboys favor, this team will be together for many years, giving them many shots at championships.

With Ronald Leary gone and in Denver, the Cowboys don’t have the depth they have had in years past on the offensive line.  However, they do still have the best line in football led by their trio of All-Pros in Frederick, Martin, and Smith.  As long as those three are in the huddle and healthy, the Cowboys will always have a shot.

So, what would it take to land Martin for an extended amount of time?  Well, it won’t be cheap, but they can work on it and maybe make it more front load heavy, unlike making them more reasonable all the way around.  In a few years, the Cowboys will need to make decisions on both Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, making Martin’s contract more front loaded can help when that time comes.

Whatever happens, this deal needs to be completely come September!

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