Tony Romo To Be Back In The Saddle For The Cowboys On Thanksgiving

Dallas Cowboys

The view on Thanksgiving might not be the same, but it will involve a very familiar face as the Dallas Cowboys host the Los Angeles Chargers.

With the release of the NFL schedule yesterday, we were hoping to find out if and how many games former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be calling for the team he called home for 14 seasons.

Per Pro Football talk, Romo will have two Cowboys games on his schedule with CBS.  Romo and Jim Nantz are part of the top team for CBS and will have the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, as well as the November 5, 2017 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the two November games, that will allow Romo to get his feel for his new job and get used to being in the booth calling football games, rather than in the huddle guiding a drive down the field.  The interesting thing will be, how critical he can be on the quarterbacks that he is calling, especially the second-year quarterback that took his job in Dak Prescott.

That is something that Romo will have to work on in the booth, he will have to make sure to complement the team he is calling, but in the same breath give them some good criticism on what they can do better.  The interesting thing will be if he talks about his final year in Dallas and how close he was to leaving the team for another football team.  With his final season in Dallas not going the way he had planned, and the close decision to finish his career for another organization, it will be interesting how much of the behind the scenes info he gives out during the last season.

The broadcasting booth couldn’t have asked for a better guy to call games, Rom is and always will be a class act in the eyes of the Cowboys and their fans!

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