Tony Romo Returning To The Professional Sporting World

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Tony Romo will be returning to the game he loves.

The 2017 season was fantastic to hear Tony Romo call games from the booth.  Allowing the fans to get a glimpse of what he sees pre-snap and what teams are going to do.  However, he likely still misses the competition that comes with playing QB.

To fulfill some of those competitive needs, Romo will step back on the golf course.

Golf is one of the many things that Romo does well, but tournament golf is a different animal.  It’s also a sport he loves and would enjoy making a career out of it.  Only time will tell if Romo can be a pro golfer, but this is another step to that dream coming true.

According to Bleacher Report, Romo will be playing at the 2018 Corales Puntacana Result & Club Championship this upcoming March.  As an avid golfer, Romo has tried multiple times to qualify for the US Open.  Last year being the most recent shot for Romo.  However, Tony had to withdraw due to conflicting with his football schedule.

“As a first-year PGA TOUR event, we are elated to have Tony Romo accept our offer to play in the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship,” said Grupo Puntacana founder and chairman Frank Rainieri. “Tony Romo rose to an elite level in professional football, and then quickly became a popular and well-regarded broadcaster for CBS when he retired. He has a history of achieving success in the face of major challenges. And now he’s going to face a new one, the rare opportunity to compete as an amateur against the world’s best golfers. We are very excited to see how this plays out.”

Competition never leaves the body of an elite athlete!

When you play at the highest level of any sport, competition is in your blood.  This is another way that Romo can let the competitive juices to continue to flow thru his veins.

“As a professional athlete, the love and thrill of competition never entirely leaves you,” Romo said in a statement. “Outside of my family and football, golf is one of my greatest passions. So, playing and competing in a PGA Tour event is a dream come true. I am grateful to the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship for giving me an incredible opportunity to test my skills against some of the best on Tour.”

Good luck Tony, we will all be rooting for you!

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