An Upset Orlando Scandrick Isn’t The Worst Thing For The Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

One veteran player will have more than just winning on his mind in 2017.

The off-season in Dallas has been a little different for one Dallas Cowboy.  Cornerback Orlando Scandrick has been a little irritated this off-season with all the rumors of trade talks regarding the veteran cornerback.

When the Cowboys used three draft picks on cornerbacks during this past draft, along with bringing in a veteran via free agency, Scandrick had been involved in many trade rumors.  The rumors began to fly once the Cowboys used a second-round pick on Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuzie and then again, a pick later in the third-round on Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis.

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The biggest threat to Scandrick is the Lewis pick.  Coming into the draft, the former Wolverine was considered one of the best slot cornerbacks in the draft, if not the best in the entire draft.  That may be the case, but Scandrick is not going to just lay down and let a rookie take his job on the Cowboys.

Per, there is that old football cliché of “playing with a chip on your shoulder” but that phrase doesn’t begin to describe what Scandrick plays with.  Orlando is the epitome of a salty player and has been that during his entire career.

Playing with that so called “chip” isn’t a bad thing, if you can play better with it.  As a cornerback, you are already playing a tough position.  Your team expects you to stick with some of the best athletes in the NFL at wide receiver, and most of the time, you must do so on an island all by yourself.  That doesn’t bother Scandrick as he has the mind set to believe he is the best player on the field at all times.  That is the type of player you want to have on your team, a player that is just on the edge of overly cocky or confident, but knows how to handle it.

The biggest issue with Scandrick over the last couple years has been his health.  If he can indeed kick this injury plagued statement that some use when talking about him, he will not only be a better player, he will have the chance to be one of the better corners in this league.  Confidence and skill set has never been an issue with Orlando.

Do you think Scandrick will kick that injury past to the side, or is that what he is the older he gets?

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