It Wasn’t Pretty, But Dak Gets The Job Done

Dallas Cowboys

It wasn’t pretty at times, but Dak Prescott got back on the right side of things Thursday night.

The three games prior to last nights game, Prescott has struggled to say the least.  Against the Redskins, Prescott got back to mistake free football (via Pat Doney).

“Dak Prescott had no TD passes and 8 turnovers in the Cowboys last three games…  He has two TD passes and no turnovers tonight.”

Prescott finished the game with 102 passing yards on 11-of-22 passing, along with the two touchdowns.  He added 28 rushing yards on five carries.  His offensive line kept him pretty clean as well on Thursday night.  The Cowboys gave up only one sack against Washington, something that has been a struggle during the three-game losing streak.

The stats don’t blow you away, but he got the job done.  As a matter of fact, if you put his stats up next to Kirk Cousins, you would think the Redskins won the game.

Looking at the stats alone, some may say the Cowboys lost!

Cousins had 251 yards passing on 26-of-37, with two touchdowns himself.  The difference between Prescott and Cousins, is that Dak didn’t turn the ball over.  The Redskins signal caller had two interceptions and a lost fumble, along with being sacked four times.  Neither interception was his fault, but they were still turnovers.

This was a game the Cowboys needed in so many ways.  Not only did they need it to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot, they needed it to keep the locker room from panicking.

We have heard rumors of changes to this coaching staff, but a win can silence all that talk.  A year from winning the Coach of the Year, fans have been calling for change in the coaching staff.  Many thought that could come with the coordinators.  That might be put on the back-burner as well, both Rod Marinelli and Scott Linehan called good games on Thursday night.

Did Prescott save the job of the coaching staff, or is it the other way around?

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