What Will A Dak-Friendly Offense Look Like?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys need to improve on the offensive side of the ball.

Heading into the 2017 season, the Cowboys thought they had the offense that could carry this team to the Super Bowl.  Following a sensational season led by a couple of rookie (Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott), Dallas was excited for what the future holds.  The excitement is still there, but this past season proved this team is still a few pieces away from dominate level on offense.

Cowboys look to get Dak-friendly in 2018!

We don’t know what that truly means.  However, we can assume that this means the players that the team will bring in around him.  That tells me we will see a different look in the passing game.

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The receiving group didn’t live up to their end of the bargain in 2017.  From bad decisions to dropped balls, Dallas didn’t do what they needed to in the passing game.  That was truly evident during the six-game suspension by Elliott.  This was supposed to be a time that the passing game steps up in Zeke’s absence.  That didn’t happen and showed holes in that part of the game.

With the contract situation that is surrounding Dez Bryant, this could be the direction of change.  Dez will count for a significant number against the team’s salary cap but won’t take a pay cut.  Dallas might look to releasing him, if he doesn’t take the pay cut.  Personally, I think letting Dez go would be a major mistake for this team.  He may not be an elite talent, but he is still a #1 option and that would give this team zero #1 options in Dallas.

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Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley are not the players that can be thought of as #1 wide receivers.  We have seen what happens when Dez misses a sizable chunk of time.  This is the direction I see the team going to make a change.

More than likely, Dallas will either bring in a capable wide receiver in free agency or use a high pick on a receiver in the draft.  There are some great options out there in free agency that can give them a boost in production over Williams.  It likely wouldn’t cost a lot of money if they go with the right player.

Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson are the prize of the WR free agency class!

Both players are great options and would give the Cowboys a dominate trio in the passing game.  However, both will also look to bring in top dollar.  My vote would go with a Donte Moncrief type of player.  He checks all the boxes of that wide receiver opposite of Dez.  He has good hands, speed, and can block downfield in the ground game.

The other direction might go is to make a tough decision and let fan favorite Beasley walk.  They have Ryan Switzer sitting behind him and is a player that needs ore looks on offense in 2018.  It might be a gamble, but Switzer has a Wes Welker type of feel to him.  If that is true, Dallas must find ways to get him on the field.  Not to mention the cap space Beasley would bring in 2018.

What would you do to make this team more Dak friendly?

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