After Years Away From The Cowboys, Troy Aikman Just Brought Back Jimmy Johnson

Dallas Cowboys

No one has ever said that the Cowboys haven’t had their fair share of stars inside of their locker room.

The Dallas Cowboys of the 1990’s might go down as one of the best group of talent inside of one locker room.  During those years, the Cowboys were able to win three of the organizations five Super Bowl.  Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and company brought home the Lombardi Trophy where it belongs three separate times during those dynasty years.

Per 247 Sports, Aikman will be hosting the 25th Annual Super Bowl Champions of the Dallas Cowboys.  The event will be attended by many players of those football teams, with 100% of the proceeds going to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.  The night of celebrating the Cowboys dynasty teams looks to have more of a charity feel to it as these athletes will help a great cause.  The event will take place on Saturday February 25.

“It’s one thing to celebrate an accomplishment, but really the reason these guys are coming back are because of the friendships and relationships that were made during those years,” said Aikman. “This is the first one where we pretty much have the whole band back together and it’s exciting.”

The charity is kind of like a reunion that will see numerous members of those three Super Bowl winning teams.  Players and coaches will be in attendance, including the Cowboys all-time great coach of those victories, Jimmy Johnson.

“I don’t want to speak for Jerry, but I think I can,” said Aikman referencing the honor. “I think this means everything to him.”

This will be the second time that Aikman has worked with Untied Way in some sort of a fundraising get together.  Back in April of 2016, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback donated $1 million to the charity United Forever Campaign.

Jennifer Hilton Sampson (CEO) is looking for this United Way charity to raise some huge money that will go to good use.  Being that this charity will be accompanied by some great players and people of the community, that goal will likely go above and beyond, just as they did on the football field during their playing careers.

“We’re on track to raise $75 million,” said Sampson. “And so in Troy’s year, we anticipate we’ll do more than that. It’s a team effort. It’s a team sport.

“We’re glad he’s our quarterback.”

Aikman and the Cowboys organization continue to be a huge player in the community.  Plenty of former and current Cowboys players have given back to their community or the NFL in one way or another.  This is just another sign that the Cowboys truly are America’s Team.

Thank you, Troy, for being the man you are on and off the football field, we are proud to continue calling you our quarterback!

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