Zack Martin Sees Tyron Smith As The Perfect NFL Tackle

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys may have lost a pair of starting offensive linemen, but the team still has a trio of All Pro’s along that line.

The Cowboys have had one of, if not the best line in all of football over the last few years.  Led by Travis Frederick in the middle of the line, he is the one that makes all the calls to make sure his line mates are in the right position to be successful.  However, Frederick might not be the best player along this offensive line with his fellow All Pro teammates guard Zack Martin and left tackle Tryon Smith.

Per Pro Football Talk, Martin calls his teammate Smith an “absolute monster on that line and honestly doesn’t believe you couldn’t create a better left tackle if you had tried.

“We always joke, if God had to make a left tackle he would make him like Tyron Smith,” Martin said on the HawkCast. “Just massive, long. He’s 320, he’s got a six-pack. It’s just not fair. He’s super durable and he just erases that defensive end from other teams every game. When he gets his hands on you, it’s pretty much over. The best thing about Tyron is he works harder than anyone.”

When the Cowboys took Smith with their first-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft, he came in very raw.  As expected, Smith had plenty to learn to begin his NFL career at the early age of just 20-years-old.

I think he has done more than just learn the position, he has become one of the best offensive tackles in football, if not the best in all of football.  Playing left tackle is a very important job as you are protecting the blind side of your right-handed quarterback.  Over the years, Tony Romo has been able to trust that his left tackle will pick up that edge rusher more times than not.  Now second-year QB Dak Prescott has the pleasure to rely on the game’s best LT in the league protecting his blind side.

Of the Cowboys three All-Pro offensive linemen, who is the most crucial piece to this offensive line?

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