Zeke Was Biggest Cheerleader For Former Ohio State Wide Receiver

Dallas Cowboys

When it comes to offensive fire power, the Dallas Cowboys have plenty to go around.

The 2016 NFL draft was one of the Cowboys best drafts in recent history, if not over the time under Jerry Jones has owned this football team.  With Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott as the prize selections, they still have Jaylon Smith and Charles Tapper to see on the field.  Both players missed their entire rookie seasons with injuries and both are expected back in 2017 and have an impact on the upcoming season.

Dallas can only hope that they have a similar outcome from this 2017 draft class, that they had last season.  However, it will hopefully come from the defensive side of the ball, where last years came from offense.  Don’t count out one member of this draft class as an impact player for the offense, especially if you are taking Elliott’s words for it.

Per Bleacher Report, the Cowboys second-year running back was the biggest backer of former Ohio State wide receiver Noah Brown.  The team used the 239th overall pick on the running backs word and are happy to take the recommendation of their star back.

“I don’t mind telling you that the No. 1 agent for Brown was Zeke Elliott,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “Of course, he really had a lot of neat things about Brown and he was of course there [Ohio State] with Brown two years ago. He has a high value on what Brown can potentially bring to the table.”

The rookie wide receiver is excited to return to the same offense as his college teammate Zeke.

“From the beginning of this process, [Elliott] told me he was going to push with the front office guys to try and get a look at me and try to get me down to Dallas there with him,” he said. “I’m definitely excited to be his teammate again. He’s such a great player. Looking forward to helping him make plays and helping the Cowboys make plays.”

If Elliott is anything like he is on the football field as he is as a scout, the Cowboys have a big time play maker in Brown.  Of course, Elliott isn’t anything near what the Cowboys are looking for in a scout, but he knows talent when he sees it and he was able to see him during the two players lapped years in college at Ohio State.

Brown wasn’t available during Zeke’s final season at Ohio State, he missed the year with a broken leg.  He did finish this last season with 32 receptions for 402 yards and seven touchdowns in his 12 games of the 2016 college season.  Overshadowed by teammate Curtis Samuel, Brown was good enough to draw attention from the Cowboys in this draft.  Some feel that he has one of the biggest ceilings of any wide receiver in this draft class.

If Zeke is true with his view of Brown, the Cowboys have just received another play maker on offense for the 2017 season!

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