Zeke Looking At A Short Suspension For Past Domestic Violence Incident

Dallas Cowboys

It appears the past continues to haunt one of the Dallas Cowboys star players on offense.

The past continues to haunt the league’s rushing leader!

A 2016 domestic violence allegation continues to haunt Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.  Even though no charges were officially brought up in the courts, the league continues to investigate the issue.

This likely has more to do with the past issues than anything else.  The league seemed to fail on the Ray Rice elevator incident from a few years back, along with the Josh Brown domestic violence allegations.  Plenty of people believed that both players should have had a more severe punishment than they received.

It appears that Elliott might be looking at some sort of short suspension, according to a well-known and respected person covering the league.

Per Bleacher Report, Adam Schefter reported Friday that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is bracing for a “short suspension” stemming from an investigation into a 2016 domestic violence allegation.

A 20-year-old girl accused the star running back of assaulting her.  Four witnesses said they didn’t see an assault take place.  No charges were faced by Elliott due to “conflicting and inconsistent information”.  From the beginning, Elliott has denied this accusation and it appeared the league would stop the investigation, especially once the charges were not being brought up.  It appears we were all wrong as the league continues to look into this to this day.

Elliott is hoping to continue his dominant play on the football field in year two of his promising career.  Many feel that the former Ohio State has a shot at hitting that 2,000-yard mark, a number only a handful of running backs have done in the NFL.

Will this news force Dallas to change any plans for the upcoming football season?

A suspension of any sort to the NFL’s leading rusher would have an impact on this football team.  It depends on the duration to decide the size of the impact.  Dallas is a run-first offense using their star back on a regular basis to move the chains and keep this defense off the field for the most part.

With the thought of likely cutting ties with veteran Alfred Morris following training camp, this latest information may change that.  Morris and Darren McFadden might both find themselves on this active roster, at least to start the season.  This might be an issue if Dallas must cut a player from another position of need  prior to the season.

This doesn’t seem right to me to suspend a player that didn’t see the courts press charges on him!

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