Zeke Ready To Begin Off-Season, Preparing For A Huge Role In 2018

Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott will be playing with a major chip on his shoulder in 2018.

Following the rough season that was 2017, the Dallas Cowboys are hoping to get back to the playoffs in 2018.  Entering last season, the Cowboys were considered one of the favorites to come out of the NFC.  That didn’t happen, therefore, making the season a failure in the eyes of the Cowboys and their fans.

A suspension to their best player was the biggest hurdle in 2017!

The Cowboys were forced to play six-games without their starting running back.  Without Elliott in the lineup, the Cowboys showed their weaknesses and opposing teams were able to take advantage of them.  Despite winning the final three games of Zeke’s suspension, Dallas dug themselves too big of a hole to get out of.  They would eventually be eliminated the week Elliott returned in week 16.  Seattle beat the Cowboys that weekend, ending their hopes of a playoff run.

When Elliott steps on the field in 2018, he will have this past season in his rearview mirror.  However, that doesn’t mean he will forget how he was treated by the league and will likely play with a little more of a chip on his shoulder.

During his rookie season, Elliott was in the MVP race all season long.  Heading into last season, outside of quarterback, Elliott was one of the favorites to win the award.  He will likely be in the same spot in 2018, but with much more to prove entering his third year.

Talent on the field is no issue with Zeke, it’s what he does off it that is worrisome!

When it comes to talent on the field, not many carry the same upside and ability as Zeke.  He is one of the best players in this game, but it’s how he handles himself off it that is his issue.  Maturity is the biggest question mark of Elliott, but that hopefully changes from his learning experience in 2017.

If Elliott can take last year and learn from it, both the Cowboys and Elliott himself will be better for it.  Dallas is obviously a better team with Zeke on the field, last year proved it over and over.  Look for the Cowboys to be right back near the top in 2018, but only if Elliott can stay on the field.

It’s plays like these that Dallas and their fans are looking to see more of in 2018.

If he plays all 16 games, will Zeke win the MVP award?

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