Zeke Suspension Re-Installed As 5th Circuit Rules In NFL’s Favor

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys just received some horrible news during their bye week.

HORRIBLE news just got released for the Cowboys All-Pro running back!

The decision from the 5th Circuit of Appeals has come back and it’s not good news for the Cowboys and their All-Pro running back.  The 5th Circuit rules with the NFL and his six-game suspension has been reinstalled (via Ian Rapoport).

“5th circuit of appeals rules against Cowboys RB Zeke Elliott & for the NFL.  Elliott’s suspension is reinstated.”

This news is horrible on the outside, but does have a small glimpse of positive news.  With the Cowboys currently in their bye week, they will have a week-and-a-half to figure this out.  The next step for Elliott are likely already being put in place as we speak.

The steps are by no means over in this case and it appears that Elliott’s legal team has a plan for what they will do moving forward.  It appears that Elliott’s team has another card to play and that will be decided in the next few days.

What this does do is just continues to muddy the waters a bit more.  If Elliott does need to begin his suspension coming out of the bye week, but eventually gets the decision ruled in his favor, he won’t get those games back.

This is a shock to everyone being that many believed this would all take place in the 2017 off-season.  The small glimmer of hope is that maybe, just maybe Elliott will still play in 2017.  However, that  doesn’t look good.

The Cowboys news continues to get worse by the day and this is just a major blow to Elliott and the team!

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