The Games This Weekend Have Already Been Determined, You Gotta See This


The wildcard weekend had four games that were less than appealing to watch in terms of playoff football, but the divisional round looks to have some great games.

The divisional round of the playoff will feature all four games being rematches from earlier in the regular season.  Of the four games, only one really has the ability of blowing out if everything goes as planned.  The Houston Texans are likely the one that doesn’t belong with this group of Super Bowl contenders and it has to do mainly with the quarterback play they have there.

The Seattle Seahawks head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in the first game of the weekend on Saturday afternoon.  Seattle won the earlier match-up I week six by a score of 26-24.  Seattle brings a run heavy defensive minded football team to a dome team that loves to air it out in Atlanta.  The first-of-four quarterback match-ups will be Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson, both of whom can get it done with their teams.  You must give the edge to the Falcons in this game, they have too much explosiveness on offense and the Seahawks are not the same team on the road that they are at home.

In the nightcap on Saturday, we see the Texans head to New England in what should be an easy win for the Patriots.  In the earlier match-up, we saw the Patriots shutout the Texans 27-0, this game was without Tom Brady too.  With Brady in this game, what will the score be?  I see the Patriots jumping all over this team led by Brock Osweiler.  This is the true example that you need a quarterback to win in this league and the Texans just don’t have one.

In the early game on Sunday, we will see the Pittsburgh Steelers head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs who have one of the biggest home field advantages in all of football.  In the first game this season, the Steelers won big over the Chiefs, 43-14 back in week four.  That said, the Steelers have the better offense and possess three players that are nearly impossible to defend.  Starting with their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, he has the advantage over Alex Smith for the Chiefs.  However, Big Ben is a much different player on the road than he is at home.  This game feels like it will be won by the legs of Le’Veon Bell, much like last week.  Bell is just too good of a runner and he should be able to find holes in the Chiefs defense to help this team get the victory.

In the finale of the divisional round, we see two of the most popular teams in football in the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys won the first match-up by a score of 30-16, both teams have great offense, but both do it differently.  The Packers rely on the right arm of Aaron Rodgers, and the Cowboys rely on the legs of Ezekiel Elliott and their offensive line.  This might have the best quarterback match-up as we will see Packers veteran Rodgers against the rookie Dak Prescott of the Cowboys.  The Cowboys can run the ball and that will be the difference on Sunday as we will see the Cowboys move on to the NFC Championship.  This game could see the winner come out of the NFC to play in Super Bowl 51.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the games this weekend as we move that much closer to Super Bowl 51!

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