Aaron Rodgers Newest Weapon Could Make Them A Super Bowl Contender

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have plenty of options on offense, but one option is getting overlooked because of how crowded it is in Green Bay’s offense.

It’s not enough that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterback’s in the NFL, he also has some of the best players on offense around him.  Rodgers led the NFL in passing touchdowns after his four-touchdown performance on Sunday night in Detroit against the Lions for the division.  It isn’t a coincidence that the Packers also have the league leader for receiving touchdowns in Jordy Nelson, but they also have the player in second place in Davante Adams.

With all the options that the Packers have on the outside at wide receiver, it might be the tight end that is the difference maker and why this team can move on after defeating the New York Giants.  New York has a very good secondary, especially when it comes to defending wide receivers, so that could limit what Nelson and Adams can do on Sunday.  One thing that the Giants don’t do very well is cover the tight end position, this is the spot that the Packers can really take advantage of the Giants defense.

Jared Cook was signed to be a play maker in this offense and has recently started to come on with this offense, but the 2016 playoffs might be his true coming out party in Green Bay.  In the last three games, Cook has had 13 receptions for 178 yards, for the season he has 30 receptions for 377 yards.

The Packers in the past have used the tight end position a lot and I think they try and get it going again on Sunday afternoon.  Rodgers has a way to get the entire offense involved and this week with the Giants being good at defending opposing wide receivers, Cook and his tight end teammates, might be in for a big game against the Giants.

Cook might be the key factor for this team to move on this Sunday!

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