What Can The Packers Expect From The Schedule Release

Green Bay Packers

With the Green Bay Packers schedule out, the team will go through a tough patch of games, but should be able to navigate through it on their way to a division title.

As we sit back and take a look at the Packers schedule, the first thing I like to do is see when the bye week is.  You never want to see the bye week too early, you would like to see it near the middle of the year so they can get out and regroup, while also letting the body regroup as well.  The second thing I do is break the season into quarters and see if you can win each quarter to give your team a winning percentage and a great chance to reach the postseason.

The Packers have an ideal bye week coming in week eight.  The middle of the year bye allows the team to split the season in half, while hopefully going on a run in the second half to get into the playoffs.

The first quarter of the season sees the Packers have a tough first two games at home against the Seahawks and on the road in Atlanta for a rematch of the NFC Championship game.  If they can at least split those games, I see the team winning the final two games of that first quarter.

The next four games see a pair of visits to NFC East foes, along with home games to a pair of domes teams, sandwiched with a bye week.  The only truly tough game I see is the game in Dallas against a team that likely will be looked at as one of the front runners to make it to Super Bowl 52.  I see the Packers winning this quarter as well as they head into week 10 with a 6-2 record and a great shot at home field if they can continue the great play.

As we begin the second half of the season, the weather starts to turn and we see the Packers home field really start to show in home games on Sunday’s.  This might be the easiest part of the schedule as they have a pair of road games against two very beatable teams.  The Steelers are very good, and they might have two of the best players on offense, but they don’t have the number of play makers that the Packers have.  With that said, I see the Packers losing that game, but again winning the quarter to put the record to 9-3 thru 12 games.

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The final month of the season would be the easiest, if not having to be on the road for three of the final four games.  With nothing to play for in week 17, I see the Packers sitting the majority of their star players and ending the year with the top seed and a 12-4 record, all while winning every quarter with a 3-1 record.

Green Bay is going to be one of the best teams in the league in 2017 and the record helped that cause even more.  If they can stay healthy on offense, I think they have a good shot this year, even their defense being the crutch to the team.

Where do you see the Packers record being in 2017?

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