Even With Need At RB, Green Bay Likeley To Pass On Troubled Mixon In Draft

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have a need at running back, even if it is just in terms of depth.

When the Packers are on the clock in both the second and third round, the team likely will be looking at running back, unless of course they go with that position in the first-round.  With the cream of the running back position being Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette, both of which seem to be linked to a top-10 selection, followed by Dalvin Cook likely in the middle of the first-round, the Packers are more likely to wait and take a back in the next couple rounds.

Per Bleacher Report, it appears that the Packers are not interested in taking a gamble on the talented running back out of Oklahoma Joe Mixon.  One source close to Ted Thompson said that he doubts the team selects him in draft.  He also said that the Packers GM has regularly removed prospects from the draft board in the past 20 years if they were involved in domestic violence incidents.

The Packers won’t be the only team that will decide to pass on the trouble former Oklahoma Sooner, many teams will decide to pass on the talented back.  It isn’t that he can’t play the game, it’s the publicity off-the-field that many GM’s and teams, including the Packers are worried about.

If Mixon can figure this whole thing out and change, someone in this league will get a steal as he will fall to them later than if he didn’t have the off-field issues.  Take away the issues he has off the football field, Mixon likely would be a top 20-25 talent if not higher.  Someone will get that possibility in the second-round, but it appears to not be the Packers this weekend.

If it were me running this organization and Mixon is there in the second round for the Packers, I would be more than just thinking about bringing him in.  For a team to bring Mixon in, they will need to have proven leaders on offense to accept it and help him grow as a player and man, the Packers have that in Aaron Rodgers and newly acquired Martellus Bennett.

Should the Packers overlook his off-field problems for what he brings talent-wise?  Or are they being smart to cross him off the board?

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