Green Bay Career Rushing Leader Sees Big Things Coming For Ty Montgomery

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are said to be in search for an every down back to help this offense.

When it comes to the Packers football team, the offense is far and away the strength of the team and they are looking to continue to add to their strength.  Whether it be Adrian Peterson or thru the draft this April, the Packers have been linked to bringing in a top tier talent at the running back position.

Per, the Packers all-time leading rushing leader Ahmad Green believes that the Packers have a special player in Ty Montgomery and he sees big things for the man that took over the starting RB job during the middle of last season.

“It’s going to be great for him,” Green said Tuesday before he took off on the Packers’ 12th annual Tailgate Tour. “He’s going to have time now to get in the playbook and look at it differently, look at it from a running back standpoint and learn his responsibilities in the run game and the pass game and wherever else the team needs him.”

Adding a running back to the football team seems like an option that Green Bay is not budging from, but Green believes they already have that piece in Montgomery.

“I thought he did a phenomenal job,” Green said. “To do that, to ask a wide receiver to become a running back — to ask any player to switch positions — is tough, because you don’t train for that. For him, that was his second year. He had been training and playing wide receiver for a few years. He played a little running back in high school, but that had been three, four years since then. Now, at the elite level of pro football saying, ‘Hey we need you to play running back,’ the good thing is he still had the same size, and what he adds to it is the element of endurance because he’s always running routes, deep routes, so he can recover a lot quicker. The speed element is a little bit different. Now he’s got to use more muscle and grit to grind out hard yards between the tackles.”

To be successful in this league, you need to continue to get better each year, even if that is by improving an already considered strength of your football team.  However, with the talent they have at running back and the weaknesses that they have on defense, it seems to be a mistake if they don’t go defense for the most part in this year’s draft.

In my opinion, if they can’t land a player like Christian McCaffrey in the draft, they need to just go with what they have at RB and use most, if not all the draft on defense and offensive line help.  The reason I saw McCaffrey is because of what he brings to the table beyond the running back position.  With Montgomery, you have a back that you can rely on and he proved it when he was called upon last year to take over the job.

Do you think Green Bay should use a pick on a running back, or has Montgomery proven his worth as the lead back?

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