Green Bay Must Find A Way To Get This CB To Lambeau TODAY!

Green Bay Packers

With the draft just weeks away, a big-time cornerback has hit the market and should have plenty of team looking for his services for the upcoming football season.

With Darrelle Revis already available in free agency, now we hear about the Tennessee Titans cutting veteran cornerback Jason McCourty.

Per, the Titans cut the 29-year-old CB on Thursday.  The breakup between the two sides seem to be because of re-working of McCourty’s current contract.  He is currently on a five-year, $43 million contract extension that he had signed back in 2012 with the Titans.

With McCourty and Revis available in free agency, along with the possible trade of Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, the CB market suddenly has some big names available for teams that are interested in making a deal.  Putting them in order of preference, I would put McCourty ahead of Sherman, only due to the fact it wouldn’t cost you anything to bring him in, other than the money of course.  I put a very aging Revis behind both, but would come at a much cheaper price tag, but more than likely you get what you pay for.

There are some teams out there that would have a huge interest in McCourty’s services, ac couple would be the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers would love to bring in his abilities in their secondary.  Both teams saw the opposing offenses go up and down the field in that divisional round playoff game between the two teams, especially in the second half of that game.

Don’t count out the defending champs New England Patriots either, something that no one wants to see.  They currently have his twin brother in house, safety Devin McCourty.  A few years ago, the Patriots tried to work out a deal to get a trade done with the Titans.

The Packers should be players in trying to acquire McCourty’s services.  For a defense that gave up yards and points in bunches over the last couple seasons, a player like Jason would do wonders for this football team.  With the offense set, minus maybe a running back for depth, it’s time to finally work on this defense that needs it desperately.

The Packers are contenders as they sit, but with a couple moves on defense and they become more than contenders.  They would likely leap frog the Cowboys, a team that they already beat in the playoffs, but seem to have more hype around them than the Packers early in the off-season.  Another team they would possibly lead frog is the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.  If Green Bay is to not only get back to the spot they were in 2016, but to move beyond that loss in the NFC Championship, they need defensive help, especially at cornerback.

Come on Ted Thompson, do something that you truly need to do to be successful in this league, fix this defense!

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