Green Bay Says Goodbye to Old Friend

Green Bay Packers

He is a Super Bowl Champion, a good man and a Packer forever.

When the Packers began to redefine themselves towards the end of the Favre era, it required some high caliber defensive talent. One of those players will go down forever as one of the best defensive players in Green Bay Packer history.

A.J. Hawk has officially retired as a member of the Green Bay Packers, the team he started with in 2006. Hawk is the Packers’ all time leader in tackles with 1,118 and was one of the pillars on the team that defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 to win the Super Bowl.

Players, coaches and executives had nothing but good things to say about Hawk. “The first thing that needs to be said about A.J. Hawk is that he is a good man,” Packers general manager Ted Thompson. “We were fortunate to make A.J. my first pick as head coach in 2006, and he spent the next nine years giving everything he had to the Green Bay community and the Packers,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy added. In the end, Hawk helped Green Bay win its fourth Super Bowl and helped return the backbone to the Packer defense.

Is Hawk the greatest linebacker in Packer history, or just a very good player?

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