Guess Who’s Back?

Green Bay Packers

Two teams are looking to crash the 2017 NFL postseason.

The 2017 football season has not gone as planned for either the Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers.  Both teams have lost their offensive MVP, and likely the best player on their football team.

We know that Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of the Packers.  He went down with an injury months ago and looks to make his return this weekend in Carolina.  The Cowboys saw their offensive MVP, Ezekiel Elliott, forced to serve his six-game suspension.  Both teams struggled early without their best player on the field, but have recently picked up their games and find themselves in must win football games.

The Cowboys and Packers are a pair of teams no one in the NFC want to see come January.  They want to make sure they don’t see Rodgers and his Packers, or Zeke and his Cowboys in the postseason.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were forced to play six games without Elliott in the lineup.  They struggled early as they got blown out by the Falcons, Eagles, and Chargers.  In each of those three games, the Cowboys lacked a halftime adjustment.  Therefore, the Cowboys got outplayed in those second half of those games.

A lot of that problem was that Sean Lee was out of the lineup.  He had to leave early in the game against the Falcons, and missed the next three games as well.  They also had to play without their All-Pro left tackle during this time frame as well.  With both players back in the lineup, Dallas is getting back to playing the style of football we are accustomed to seeing.

Dallas faces an erratic Raiders team this Sunday in Oakland.  If they can get this victory on Sunday, they will get their All-Pro running back next week.  That should be motivation enough for this team to come out and play strong Sunday.  On paper, the Cowboys have a better team than the Raiders, that includes missing their starting running back.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers will be welcoming back Aaron Rodgers.  With their quarterback returning to the lineup, they become a team that no one wants to face in the playoffs.  It won’t be easy, but the Packers become a very interesting team moving forward.  They begin their quest at Carolina to take on another team fighting for their position in the postseason.  If the Panthers win on Sunday, you would assume that the week 17 matchup in Detroit suddenly becomes very interesting.

Brett Hundley did a respectable job keeping this team in contention for a playoff spot.  After losing their franchise QB against the Vikings on October 15, the Packers suddenly found themselves in a tough situation.  Hundley struggled early, as the team went 1-4 in the first five games without Rodgers.  However, he has become that leader and led this team to back-to-back victories, including a sensational come from behind win in Cleveland last weekend.

Wo do you think has the best shot at making the postseason?  Will Rodgers be able to guide his Packers to the postseason?  Or will Zeke give the Cowboys that needed shot in the arm to run over opposing defenses into the 2017 postseason?  No matter who you think has the better shot, both teams will need help from the outside.  If they are to make the impossible possible, they will need teams ahead of them to slip up.

Aaron Rodgers or Ezekiel Elliott, who you got?

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