Major Piece Of Championship Contender Carted To Locker Room Sunday Morning

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers may have just witnessed a reality that no one wants to see.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has left the field on early in the first quarter with what appears to be a right shoulder injury.

Linebacker Anthony Barr carried Rodgers into the ground following a pass.  A play that Rodgers was immediately upset about as he walked tot he sideline to get checked out.  He would later head to the locker room on a cart, showing that this isn’t just a normal injury to Rodgers.

A devastating blow to the Packers as they are one of the true contenders to not only make it to the Super Bowl, but to win it as well.

Brett Hundley is a nice young player, but he is no Rodgers and the team takes a major hit if this is a serious injury.  Not only is Rodgers the best player on the Packers, he is possibly the best QB in the league.

Let’s just hope that this is just a minor injury and Rodgers can get back on the field.  Packers fan or not, Rodgers is someone that fans love to watch and you never want to see an injury to anyone, especially one of the game’s best.

Injuries continue to hamper teams this football season!

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