New Packer Weapon Sending Out Compliments Left And Right To Former Teammates, Is This For What He Is About To Do To The League?

Green Bay Packers

The world of the NFL can be both exciting and frustrating for those involved and making a career of it.

Last season, the Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo was able to see the business side of the NFL.  He not only was injured before the season started, but he lost his starting job to a young rookie out of Mississippi State named Dak Prescott.  Some say that you can’t lose your job to injury, but that has been proven wrong many times over in the NFL and other professional sports.

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Another big-time name to see the business side of the NFL chew him up and spit him out was former Cowboy and current Green Bay Packer tight end Martellus Bennett.  The Cowboys drafted the Texas A&M tight end with the 61st overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft.  The team had hoped that he would pair with Jason Witten as a dynamic tight end duo for the future.

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Per, Bennett would start just 31 games in his four seasons with the Cowboys, hauling in 85 receptions.  Most observers thought being an understudy to Witten would be a magical elixir for someone with Bennett’s physical gifts.

Bennett told ESPN what he thought of the veteran tight end.

“I hated Jason Witten.  I appreciated his game, but I always hated him.”

It seems that maybe the hate has somewhat lowered as the veteran tight end went on a social media string of compliments towards former teammates.  One of which was towards the Cowboys veteran, a player that he may have not got along with, but he had respect for coming into the league and throughout their careers.

“Even though @JasonWitten & I never had a great relationship he’s the best TE I’ve ever seen play @terrellowens told me to study him so I did.”

The Packers are not only getting a vocal leader who doesn’t have an issue speaking his mind, they are getting a top tier talent at the tight end position.  Bennett is a player that can bring it in terms of trash talk, but also is able to back it up with his play on the field.  Rodgers not only has himself another weapon, but a weapon at a position that the Packers have desperately needed him at, tight end.  Very few tight ends can play both the rush and pass, Bennett is one of them, he isn’t just a fantastic receiver, he is also one of the better blockers as well as a tight end.

Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Tom Brady, and now Rodgers, he has had a nice group of QB’s throwing him the ball…. well if we take away Manning and Cutler that is!

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