The Packers Big Free Agent Signing Just Went Off

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have finally seen the progress in the free agent that they signed in the offseason.

When the Green Bay Packers signed, Jared Cook in this past offseason, they had hoped that he would be the missing link that this team has had in the middle of the field with the tight end position.  With early injuries in camp and struggles to start the year, it seemed like it was not going to happen with Cook in Green Bay.

Cook found his way this past weekend making some big catches on third down against the Chicago Bears for this offense.  With all the drops on the offense, it seemed that Cook was the sure handed receiver that the team needed, especially on third downs.

If this team can find a way to win these last two games and get into the playoffs, Cook could be a difference maker for this offense.  He is a special player that is an obvious mismatch no matter where you put him on offense.

“A matchup concern,” coach Mike McCarthy called Cook. “I think that’s obvious, just the way when you line him up in different spots, how they react to him. You go to the first third-and-3 there, and the matchup he has on the corner route.”

“When they give you those opportunities for those matchups, he’s a tough guy to handle.”

The Packers need to find ways to get Cook more involved, especially on third downs.  Despite making two big third down conversions on the Packers first touchdown of the game, he was not targeted again on third down after scoring drive.  Cook is a tough cover for corners and safeties on the outside with his size and is a mismatch in the middle with his speed against linebackers.  Rodgers needs to try to get him more involved throughout the game.

Just what the offense in Green Bay needed, another weapon for Rodgers!

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