The Packers Newest TE Goes From One HOFer To Another In Less Than A Year

Green Bay Packers

Sometimes the grass is just as green on the other side as it was where you were formerly at.

Many players look to improve their game by going to a better team or play with a better quarterback.  What happens when you play for the Super Bowl MVP one year and go to maybe the game’s best quarterback the following season?  It’s been a controversy on who is the game’s best quarterback in this league right now, is it Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?  That’s like asking would you rather have a check for $1,000 or have it in cash, it doesn’t matter which you choose, in the end, it’s like the same thing.

When you have Brady and Rodgers, you have two of the best and both have one goal in mind for his football team, getting to and winning the Super Bowl that year.  Anything else is considered a failure and both players will do whatever is possible to get to that goal they have the following year.

Ask Martellus Bennett what it’s like to go from Brady and a Super Bowl in New England to the Green Bay Packers and Rodgers this year and he will put it a way many will laugh about, but is 100% true.

“That’s like leaving [Jennifer Lopez] and going to Halle Berry,” Bennett said, via the Houston Chronicle. “We talk often. I’m excited about playing with him. We’ve known each other for a while. I’m excited about working with him and learning his quarterback language and showing him what type of player I am. I think I’m a lot better player than they think I am.”

One player that can never complain about who he has played for throughout his NFL career is Bennett, he has played with two good quarterbacks to start his career, but he might finish his career with two of the greatest to play the game.  His career started off with Tony Romo and Jay Cutler, but might end with Brady and Rodgers.

Bennett isn’t ancient and has a few years left in that tank to be considered one of the better tight ends in football, if 2017 goes as many hope it will, Green Bay may just bring him back after his one-year contract expires.

Who will be the better QB that Bennett has played for in his career, Rodgers or Brady?

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