The Packers Are About To Do Something The NFL Has Been Waiting Weeks For

Green Bay Packers

The wild card weekend games consisted of blowouts with the losing teams looking like they didn’t belong in the postseason.

This past weekend, we saw four football games with an average score difference of 19 points.  This was not a regular season weekend, but rather the wild card weekend in the playoffs.  With all four games, not being close and blowouts by the time the fourth quarter came around (third quarter for some), it’s no wonder the ratings were down this past weekend in the NFL.  TV ratings for the wild card round of football games was down 7 percent, but with the upcoming divisional round games, it should rebound nicely.

The Packers, Seahawks, Steelers, and Texans all moved on to the divisional round.  Green Bay knocked off the Giants by 25, now head to Dallas to take on the Cowboys.  Seattle beat the Lions by 20 and head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons.  Pittsburgh shut down Miami and now head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs.  Houston beat the Raiders by 13 and now get the lucky draw of the Patriots on Saturday night.  Add all the point differences up and we see a difference of 19 and four games that were never close from first snap to finish.

With the Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, and Packers all playing in the divisional round, the ratings should bounce back for the NFL.  All four fan bases are very popular and have plenty of fans that travel for their team no matter where they are playing or the fan lives.  Of the four teams, Dallas and New England play at home and Green Bay will head to AT&T Stadium to take on the Cowboys.  That game itself should pick up the ratings, but the other two games involving Pittsburgh and New England will help as well.

This weekend seems to be a fun weekend of games and all but one game could go either way.  The Patriots on paper look to be the only ones that could turn to a blowout this weekend, the other three have good teams that play well both at home and on the road.  The weekend will close out with maybe the best game of the weekend as the Packers play the Cowboys in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium.

Sit back and enjoy the games, this weekend should be a fun!

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