Would A Pick Or Player Be More Tempting To Land Sherman Via Trade?

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have the offense to contend for a title in 2017, it’s the other side of the ball that has proven to be the team’s crutch.

When the Packers entered the post-season last year, the offense was clicking on all cylinders, but the defense was doing just enough to be successful.  They might have won in Dallas during the divisional round game, but their defense proved that they were not up to par with the offense, and in the conference championship, we saw a team run over the defense.  The biggest need this team has is at the cornerback position and they will likely address this early in the 2017 draft.

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With that being such a crucial need for the Packers, why not just go out and make a major move to improve the secondary and defense by bringing in one of the best cornerbacks in the game?  The Seattle Seahawks have come out and said that they would be willing to trade Sherman for the right price.  With him on the market for trade possibilities, it’s time to put your hat in the ring and see if you can become the team for his services.

Ideally, the Packers would love to give up a second-round selection for Sherman, maybe ever a second and fifth-round pick for the star cornerback.  That likely will not happen, it will probably take at least a first-round selection or a proven player that the Seahawks can install to help their team.

The Seahawks have a need on the offensive line and would likely listen if a player like Bryan Bulaga became available, but Green Bay is unlikely to be involved in a trade.  Both tackle positions are very important, we all know how important it is to find a left tackle in this league, but don’t over think the right tackle.  That position is just as important and when you have a player like Bulaga, you don’t get rid of him, no matter the player involved (for the most part).

I think it is through the draft that the Packers would be trying to get Sherman and it should be a no brainer for the team.  If he truly is available, Green Bay should go beyond the Seahawks need to secure him as a Packers player.  If it is a first-round selection, Green Bay should send it right now.  Sherman is a better player than ANY first-round selection they would draft at the position they are at.  If it takes a first and late round pick, make it happen.

Any pick in the first-round has bust potential, just as much as being a play maker for the team that drafts him.  Sherman is one of the game’s best, it should be a no brain option, if indeed he is available through trade!


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