REPORT: Aaron Rodgers Just Got AMAZING News

Green Bay Packers

Could this finally be the turning point?

All season long the football gods have wreaked havoc on the Green Bay Packers. The team has lost several running backs, key defensive players and even injuries to their star quarterback.

Well, Aaron Rodgers is glad to report that he should be near 100% healthy when the team goes up against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. His ailing right calf and sore hamstring seemed all healed up. “I would assume, based on how I felt after the game, that I’ll be closer to 100 percent than I was in the Chicago game,” Rodgers said Tuesday.

Even with the injured legs, Rodgers managed to carve up the Chicago secondary and threw a beautiful 60+ yard pass to Jordy Nelson in the closing seconds to secure a win against a division rival. Green Bay will make the playoffs if they win out, but need a healthy Rodgers running on all cylinders to make that happen. It will be a shorter weak with the Packers playing Saturday due to Christmas falling on a Sunday this year.

Is the rest of the NFL terrified of a healthy Aaron Rodgers, or has he been so brittle that there’s no telling when he’ll get hurt next?

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