REPORT: Martellus Bennett Just Made A Shocking Announcement About Him Playing With Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Sure, Martellus Bennett would love more preseason snaps with Aaron Rodgers — or any preseason snaps with his quarterback at this point — but the Green Bay Packers’ new tight end has another formula that he thinks will help them connect on the field when it counts.

“I need all the reps I can with Aaron — practice reps, game reps, meeting room reps,” Bennett said. “Any rep I can get with him I’ll try to get, whether it’s just whispering to him, try to be the quarterback whisperer. It’s just a lot of communication and a lot of reps. Over-communicate and over-rep every single thing we could possibly do.”

Rodgers probably doesn’t need to play in the preseason for his own good, but he might for Bennett’s.

Rodgers has raved about Bennett almost ever since he arrived for the offseason program back in April and there’s been nothing on the practice field to indicate the two won’t have an immediate chemistry, but the reality is they may not know until the games count.

“I’m like everybody’s type, so I have chemistry with everybody,” Bennett said. “I never really had problems having chemistry with anyone. Chemistry was one of my best classes, and in real life chemistry is one of my best traits. So I have a lot of good chemistry with a lot of good people, so I don’t lack in the chemistry field.”

Bennett played 11 snaps — all with Brett Hundley as the quarterback — in the preseason opener and caught the only pass that came his way, a 13-yard pickup on a third-and-2 slant.

“It doesn’t matter who throws the ball or who’s back there, I’ve just got to do my job,” Bennett said. “That’s what I try to do, make it easy for the quarterbacks.”

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