REPORT: One Year After Having The Best Season Of His Career, Ty Montgomery Makes Shocking Confession

Green Bay Packers

Ty Montgomery is the featured running back for the Green Bay Packers and some experts are considering him as one of the breakout stars this upcoming season. But there was a time where Montgomery thought he would be out of a job.

The Stanford alum wrote a story for the Players Tribune and he talked about how he thought he was going to be cut by the Packers in last year. Here’s a look at what Montgomery had to say.

“It was a far cry from where I had been back in training camp last year. Before the season even started — when I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make the team.

I’m serious. I can actually remember coming home from practice early in camp to find my wife unpacking some boxes, and I sarcastically said, “Don’t unpack too much just yet, because I’m not sure how long we’re gonna be here.”

I was coming off ankle surgery. I had missed the entire off-season. I hadn’t practiced the whole first week of camp. Plus, we had a lot of talented receivers. It was competitive. I mean, I still went out on the field every day with confidence and left everything I had out there. But at the end of the day, I felt like I was too far behind. I just really didn’t know what was going to happen.

I didn’t see a lot of action during the preseason, or in the first few games of the regular season. As the weeks went on, I grew more and more uncertain about my future in Green Bay.”

Montgomery went on to say that it was head coach Mike McCarthy that talked to him about moving to running back. The Dallas native was up for it and the rest is history as he went on to rush for 457 yards on 77 carries and three touchdowns. He played a big part in the Packers run to the NFC Championship game after starting the year 4-6 and ninth in the NFC.

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